Indian Nations Brittany Club from 2007

This was the official website of the Indian Nations Brittany Club, based out of Oklahoma, and they supported the best-possible activity of Brittanys at dog shows, hunting tests, field trials, obedience trials and specialty shows. They held occasional meetings, as well as parties, horse back competitions and waking trials. To find the current websites of regional American Brittany Clubs on the internet go to: The current Indian Nations Brittany Club is at:
The content below is from the site's 2007 archived pages.

We had several Brittanys when I was growing up. Pete and Albert were the most happy and alert dogs I have ever met. CJ looked like Batman. My father swears by Brittanys saying they are the most intelligent, easy to handle and train for hunting dogs around. So I grew up with them and have 2 of my own. They are excellently behaved and never complain. But they do insist on their beds - we have 2 large fashionable pillow beds from - they specialize in round beds using replaceable designer covers. My father trained our dogs to be amazing during and after the hunt. They're natural athleticism is beautiful to observe in action. We like to go out and burn energy out in nature by climbing a steep trail or playing hide and seek in the woods near our home. We know they got a workout when the first thing they do when we get home is head for their beds.


The purpose of our club is to promote cooperation and friendship among breeders and owners of Brittanys and to encourage higher standards in breeding, training, and showing of Brittanys in the field and in the show ring; to protect and advance the interests of the breed by encouraging sportsman like competition at dog shows, field trials, hunting tests, and obedience trials, and to conduct sanctioned and licensed specialty shows, field trials, and hunting tests under the rules of the American Kennel Club.

2007 Event Dates


MAY 24, 2007


Specialty Show


Shawnee, OK

JUNE 23, 2007


Summer Picnic

Tiller's Cabin

Lake Eufaula

OCT 6-7, 2007


Hunt Tests

Marten's Ranch

Pierce, OK

OCT 6, 2007


Fall Meeting

Marten's Ranch

Pierce, OK

OCT 26, 2007


Specialty Show


Ardmore, OK


OCT 27-29, 2007


Field Trial-Horseback

Lake Murray State Park

Ardmore, OK


APR 5-6, 2008


Field Trial-Horseback

Lake Murray State Park

Ardmore, OK

APR 12-13, 2008


Hunt Tests

Marten's Ranch

Pierce, OK


Fall 2007 Event Results

Fall Specialty Show and Field Trial
Ardmore, OK October 26-29, 2007

Dual Dog Award (Show and Field)

DC KK Majorette's Coquina JH

Owned by Ken and Kaye Moore

Show handled (this show) by Ken Moore

Field handled by David Downing


Field Trial Results

October 27-29, 2007

Open Puppy (6)

Judges: Mary Karbiner & Ron Clark
1 - Alar's Tequila Extra Gold / Tillson
2 - Blazin Shadow's Bama Jama / Tillson
3 - Warbonnet's Clever Bag O'Trix / Downing
4 - Ranger's Rockett / Wild

Open Derby (14)

Judges: John Cross & Rob Martin
1 - GR's Bookin & Cookin / Hancock
2 - Southwestern Buzz / Tillson
3 - J&B Rotn To The Max of Auten / Johnson
4 - Over Under Tri A Ducati / Johnson

Open Gun Dog (17)

Judges: Mary Karbiner & Ron Clark
1 - KK Majorette's Coquina / Downing **NEW DUAL CHAMPION**
2 - Almaden's Grace Under Fire / Tillson
3 - Blueridge HiFlyin Ace/ Downing
4 - Cafe Olay / Wild

Amateur All Age (27)

Judges: Mary Karbiner & Ron Clark
1 - Dakota Luke / Mantler
2 - Sawtooth Sam's 4Runner / Carlson
3 - Okie Cracker / Lincoln
4 - Microcopy's Sugar Mist / Lager

Open All Age (48)

Judges: Charlie Collier & Rob Martin
1 - TJ's Prairie Blizzard / Tillson **NEW FIELD CHAMPION**
2 - Jo-Lockapex Dark Roux Gumbo / Lincoln
3 - Belle's Beau Max / Carrington
4 - Cisco's Chase / Carrington

2007 Show Results

October 26, 2007

Sweepstakes (3-4)

Judge Carolyn Herbel

Best in Sweeps

Rocky Ridge Maximum Runner, o. Mike Robinson
(DC/AFC Blueridge Major Adventure x Ch. T'Kalis Feel The Wind)

BOS in Sweeps

Alar's Tequila Extra Gold, o. Tom & Kristi Rathje
(DC/AFC Redlines Tequila Smoker x Ch. Sovereign Alar Skyrocket JH)

Regular Classes (8-10-6-4)

October 26, 2007

Judge Norm Herbel

Winners Dog

Rocky Ridge Maximum Runner, o. Mike Robinson
(DC/AFC Blueridge Major Adventure x Ch. T'Kalis Feel The Wind)

Reserve Winners Dog

Wimberley Jimdandy, o. Ginger Kerns
(NAFC/FC/AFC Lea's Running Jayhawk x FC/AFC Poki-Dot)

Winners Bitch / Best of Winners

Warbonnet's Clever Bag O'Trix, o. Tania Downing-Capello
(Ch. RJ's The Divine Comedy x Ch. Wyngold Wyndy Warbonnet JH)

Reserve Winners Bitch

Alar's Sky Dancer, o. Ann Farinas, Gunter Schanzenbacher & Jessica Carlson
(KB's Shadow-Dancer x Ch. Sovereign Alar Skyrocket JH)

Best of Opposite Sex

Ch. Granmar's Diamond Cassidy, o. Jody Kirtley
(DC Classic's Can Do Andrew x Ch. Chilcote Zax Diamond on Credit JH)

Best of Breed

Ch. Blueridge's Wind of Adventure, o. Laura Wilder & Geraldine Hairgrove
(DC/AFC Blueridge Major Adventure x Ch. T'Kalis Feel The Wind)


Previous Results:

Spring 2007 Event Results

Spring Specialty Show

Shawnee, OK May 24, 2007


Judge: Ms. Maureen Gamble


Owned by Jan and Claude Kilpatrick

Regular Classes

Judge: Mr. Bradley Jenkins

Winners Dog\Best Of Winners


Owned by Marvin and Mary O'Briant

Reserve Winners Dog


Owned by Gary Smith

Winners Bitch


Owned by Lisa Burton, Sherry Larsen & Mitchell Burton

Reserve Winners Bitch


Owned by Cindy Gaither

Best of Breed


Owned by Herbert and Donna Harrison

Best of Opposite Sex


Owned by Jody Kirtley

Dual Dog Award


Owned by Laura Wilder

Field Trial

March 31 - April 1, 2007

Open All-Age:

1st - Tee Bone - Dave Lincoln Owner & Handler

2nd, 3rd, & 4th Withheld

Open Derby:

1st - Rusty Ridge Lucky Strike - Claude & Jan Kilpatrick, Owner, Claude Kilpatrick, Handler

2nd - BarLo's Hardy Perfection - Michell Lingan, Owner, Vic Carrington< Handler.

3rd - Blueridge's Wind of Adventure - Laura Wilder & Geraldine Hairgrove, Owner, David Downing, Handler.

4th - Blueridge's Hy Fly'n Adventure - Sandra Frost, Owner, David Downing, Handler.

Open Gun Dog:

1st - Tequilla's Joker Lightning - Don Dewess, Owner, Ed Wild, Handler.

2nd - Rusty Ridge Booker's Lst Fling - Claude & Jan Kilpatrick, Owner, Claude Kilpatrick, Handler

3rd - Rusty Ridge Ram Tough - Claude & Jan Kilpatrick, Owner, Claude Kilpatrick, Handler

4th - Fast Company - Ed Peace, Owner, Ed Wild, Handler

Amateur All-Age:

1st - Orion's Flojo - Gary Smith, Owner & Handler

2nd - Blueridge Major Adventure - Laura Wilder, Owner & Handler

3rd - J&M Blazen Dixie Chik - James & Mary Crawford, Owner, Mitsue Nakamura, Handler

4th TLM Rambling Sam - Linda & Tom Milam, Owner, Tom Milam, Handler.

Open Puppy:

1st - Dot De Whiz - Ed & Sue Wild, Owner, Ed Wild, Handler.

2nd - Blueridge's Marble Beach - David Downing, Owner & Handler.

3rd - Lafayette Kinmont Willie - Sue & Bobby Armstrong, Owner, Vic Carrington, Handler.

4th - Wayside's Blueridge Runner - Tom & Melodt Longfellow, Owner, David Downing, Handler.